Getting Started


The create-scss-cli is a command-line interface that generates an scss folder structure directly into your app. It gives you a range of different templates to choose from, making it flexible to integrate into any project.


Before using the create-scss-cli, you will need to install Node.js version >=14.0.0. and NPM.

Install create-scss-cli globally.

npm i -g create-scss-cli
pnpm i -g create-scss-cli
yarn global add create-scss-cli
npx create-scss-cli@latest

Use the CLI command in your project.


You will then be prompt with a series of questions to make sure the CLI generates the files you want and where you want them.

create-scss-cli setup example


For more information on this project and futures features, visit our roadmapopen in new window. You'll see all ongoing issues, features, and discussions about the create scss cli project.


Q: Is create-scss-cliopen in new window the successor of create-scssopen in new window ?

A: Yes. The first iteration of this project was published to solve one problem, create a unified scss structure for the dev team. Having the same structure helped us to maintain our code with more cohesion. The CLI version is more flexible and easier to integrate into existing projects. It gives a choice to the developers on how they want to implement their code, which is the main reason it was created.

Q: Can i still use create-scssopen in new window even if it is deprecated ?

A: YES. There is no plan to release a new version in the future. The final version of the package is npm version. If it helps you, please continue to use it. We recommend users to try the CLIopen in new window since it gives a better developer experience.

Q: Can i use create-scss-cliopen in new window in an existing project or should i use it with new project only.

A: You can do both. The CLI will know if there is already another scss folder in the path you choose so there won't be any conflict. Because the CLI gives you different template options, it is flexible to either start a new project from scratch or combine it into your ongoing project.


If you want to contribute to this project go to the create-scss-cliopen in new window repo on github
and open an issue ✏️

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